This poem is written in a very satiric toneThis poem is written in a very satiric tone

This poem is written in a very satiric tone, full of intense irony, which describes a portrait of an unknown citizen who represents the average man and his lack of personal identity within modern society. “The Unknown Citizen” did everything he was supposed to do, he worked in his job, he satisfied his imployers, belonged to union and paid his dues. From the third line: “And all the reports on his conduct agree that, in the modern sense of an old-fashioned word, he was a saint” we should understand that the modern meaning of the word “saint” meant one who sacrifises everything to listen to the government. The state expects these sacrifises from individual. Valued mainly because he serves the community, the unknown citizen gives up on his happiness and and freedom to serve the state. He listens to every dictate of the state, he is loyal and friendly man. Poet, sort of, mocks the unknown citizen who gives up his identity to be an average man. In this society, happiness is naturally assumed, for, as a citizen, the individual has achieved complete “normalcy” and being average is equated with being happy. The modern man is slave to routine and he is incapable of understanding such concepts as freedom and happiness.